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What type of project are you looking for?

What is the nature of your commercial project?

What type of multi-family project?

Where would you like to build?

Is this project a renovation?

Approximately how many square feet is this project?

Estimate the budget for the project.

Are you the End User, Developer or Both?

Which of the following styles are you attracted to?

Have you selected or purchased a property?

What areas or neighborhoods are you considering?

Have you formally engaged a realtor,{{answer_34361585}}?

What is your current price range for the home or remodel?

What is the general square-footage of your ideal home?

{{answer_34361585}}, how much are you building for return on investment and how much for personal lifestyle goals?

Are you considering any sustainable/ green-building features?

Please elaborate on the what kind of sustainable/green building features you would like.

What aspects of the home are more important or less important for you?

Living Areas


Home Office

Outdoor Space and Landscape


Outdoor Kitchen


Storage Space

What is the ideal number of Bedrooms

What is the ideal number of Garage Spaces

Are there any other special requirements for your project, {{answer_34361585}}?

Please explain the special requirements?

What is your main obstacle in fulfilling your vision for this project?

What is the time frame for starting this project?

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